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Summer Camp Packing List

  • Bible
  • notebook & pencil
  • toiletry items
  • bedding (single sheets and blanket or sleeping bag)
  • pillow
  • any prescription medicines (must be turned into the nurse)
  • towels
  • bathing suit
  • something to wear over bathing suit on the way to and from the pool
  • no sleeveless shirts – (for additional limits on clothing, please review the dress code)
  • ball gloves or other sports equipment
  • water bottle
  • tennis shoes
  • flashlight
  • rainjacket

Please make sure all personal items are identified with your name on them. Also, personal items must be in a plastic tote or garbage bag. No suitcases please.


All medication should be placed in a zip lock plastic bag with the camper’s name written on the outside. The medication should be clearly labeled with the camper’s name and recommended dosage and any notes to the camp Nurse should be inside the bag. This bag should be brought to registration and given to the nurse at that time. For the safety of other campers, no one should retain their own medication.

Canteen Money:

A bank for the camper’s spending money is available for most weeks. At registration you may deposit this money into the “CBC Bank” and the camper may use it for purchases at the canteen and for crafts during the week without having to carry money. All unused funds will be available to the camper or parents for pickup at the end of the week.

What Not to Bring:

  • Food – please do not bring any snack food to camp. Any food brought to camp will be collected on arrival and returned on departure. Any food brought for medically-mandated special diets will be kept in the kitchen with the Kitchen Director.
  • No personal electronics; cell phone, iPod, MP3 player, gaming system, etc
  • No cigarettes, matches, fireworks
  • No knives
  • No pets of any kind

Lost & Found

Each year hundreds of items are inadvertently left behind at camp. Please make sure your camper looks in the lost & found before leaving camp. Any left items cannot be mailed or stored for campers so please check before departing camp.