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COVID-19 Update for CBC

Here are the latest recommendations for Carolina Bible Camp-2021 based on input from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, the Center for Disease Control and the American Camping Association.

Information previously distributed is made void by this update.

  1. Campers and all adults will be screened at registration as previously indicated at the lodge before entering camp.  Anyone not passing the screening will be asked to leave including all in the vehicles they camp in.  The screening will involve a series of questions and a temperature check.
  2. We encourage all staff and campers to Find your spot, Take your shot and get a COVID-19 vaccine.
  3. Those who are not vaccinated should follow the self quarantine  protocol indicated in previous correspondence, including being careful who you are with during the 14 days prior to camp.
  4. Campers will not be required to wear a mask in the cabins. Campers will be in their bunks in a head to toe arrangement.  Campers will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon entry and exit of the cabins.  Campers will be instructed on how to sneeze into the bend of their elbow and to cover when coughing.
  5. Signage will be placed around camp regarding washing hands, social distancing, and the usage of masks.  
  6. We are asking the campers to wear masks when entering the dining hall and when leaving the dining hall.  Hand sanitizer will be available outside the dining hall for all campers to use.
  7. Food will be served family style, no more than 5 campers per table, and the adults at the table will serve the food and monitor campers as they eat. If food is contaminated in any way , new food will be put on the table.
  8. Masks will not be worn outside.
  9. Parents will be allowed to pick up their kids after camp BUT ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GO in any building including the cabins.  Counselors will be asked to move camper’s belongings outside for pickup.  
  10. The check out will again be at the lodge, to make sure everyone is with the correct person.  If not the parent will be called to confirm that they are ok to ride with the driver.
  11. Campers will be screened again on Wednesday for temperature and other symptoms of COVID.  Camp will follow previously mentioned protocol for those that have fever and other symptoms.
  12. Daily cleaning of high touch surfaces will remain a priority.
  13. Any camper that feels more comfortable wearing a mask should in no way be made to feel uncomfortable to follow his preferences or his parents wishes.