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Bed Bugs No More

During summer camp 2013 two of our cabins became infested with bed bugs.  We began treating the cabins immediately through our pest control contract.  They continued to advise us and we closed the infested cabins for the rest of camp.

After summer camp we contacted the company again after and they sent a Bug specialist, the head of their Technical Department, who happened to be a member of the church at Deep River.  He supervised further treatment of the cabins until he was certain there were no active bed bugs (BB).  Additionally, all mattresses in every cabin in question was replaced during the winter.

Out of an abundance of caution we contacted another highly recommended company that treated the BB infestation at YMCA Camp Hanes that effected 12 cabins and cost an estimated quarter million dollars to eradicate.  They checked our cabins and found no active BB but went ahead and treated the walls of all 12 cabins so the BB can’t get in the walls.  Additionally, they used heat treatment on the two cabins in question and one other that showed some evidence of past BB’s.

Based on these treatments and the opinions of two pest control companies, the CBC Board is confident that we are starting the 2014 camp season BB free.  Everyone should be aware however, that a camper can unknowingly bring them back into camp the very first week.  If that happens we already have plans in place to bring in a trailer that can hold all camper belongings and heat-treat everything while we also treat the cabins. This will allow us to effectively treat everything and have the kids back in their rooms without missing a night.

We also urge any family that has traveled recently to put their luggage in a car with the windows up on a hot day so any bugs that have been picked up on a trip can be killed in the heat.  Please know that we will continue to do everything we can to make camp a great place to be.

Board of Directors, CBC