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Camp Dress Policy

Our goal in establishing a dress code is to ensure that all of our campers and staff are comfortable and dressed modestly. It has proven a very difficult task to define a dress code in absolute terms without creating loopholes and ambiguous guidelines. One problem, in particular, is that a pair of shorts or top that is perfectly modest on one young man or lady may be immodest on another due to varying body sizes and shapes.

It is our desire that Carolina Bible Camp be a place where young men and young women can escape distractions during their stay at camp, a place where they can focus their eyes and their hearts on their relationship with their Lord. Therefore campers, staff, and visitors are required to adhere to the Camp Dress Code as adopted by the Board of Directors, May 20, 2017.

Campers should be dressed modestly at all times when outside the cabin.

No undergarments should be visible. Shorts and Jeans shouldn’t be low cut or worn low. No bra straps should be visible. No cleavage should be visible. No low cut shirts (front or back) and no loose tops which could be revealing when bent over. No Tank tops for boys or girls, no spaghetti straps, or strapless shirts should be worn. No sleeveless shirts on boys or girls. The waistband of pants should be high enough not to reveal any undergarments. The bottom of shirts should always cover the top of the pants even when sitting or having outstretched arms. Any pants with holes should have the holes beneath mid-thigh.

Shorts for both boys and girls, skirts over leggings, jogging or yoga pants must be no shorter than 5” above the knee. This applies to standing and sitting positions. It is easiest to measure this from behind the knee.

Swimwear should be completely covered when coming and going to the pool. Do not go to other places in camp on the way to and from…go directly to the pool or the cabin.

All staff and visitors should dress modestly and help campers make a good decision with their clothing choices. Final Discretion is up to the head counselor and/or director.

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